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Flash file to target using Codewarrior in T2080RDB

Question asked by Anshul khare on Dec 26, 2018
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I am trying to flash a binary in NOR flash using Code warrior  tap on board "T2080-RDB"

I have selected a file to dump but fail to do so please find the below logs for reference.



fl::target -lc "manoj2"
fl::target -b 0x2000 0x30000
fl::target -v off -l off
cmdwin::fl::device -d "JS28F00AM29EWL" -o "64Mx16x1" -a 0xe8000000 0xefffffff
cmdwin::fl::protect all off
Beginning Operation ...
Performing target initialization ...
Downloading Flash Diagnostics Driver ...
Reading flash ID ...
Unprotecting all sectors...
Unprotecting ...
Unprotecting ....
Unprotecting .....
Unprotecting ......
Unprotecting .......
Unprotect Command Succeeded
cmdwin::fl::image -f "D:\\SPDP\\uImage--4.1-r0-t2080rdb-64b-20180918125200.bin" -t "Binary/Raw Format" -re on -r 0xe8000000 0xefffffff -oe on -o 0x0
cmdwin::fl::erase image
Beginning Operation ...
Image size is 0 bytes, nothing to erase.
Nothing to erase. No sectors selected
Erase Command Succeeded.
Beginning Operation ...
Using restricted address range 0xE8000000 to 0xEFFFFFFF
Programming file D:\SPDP\uImage--4.1-r0-t2080rdb-64b-20180918125200.bin
0 Bytes Programmed, Check Restricted Address Range
Program Command Succeeded





Even though the size of the binary is 5107005 bytes but still the image size in the above logs shows zero 



Thanks in advance.