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720x480i HDMI

Question asked by Kenjiro Nakayama on Dec 24, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2018 by G.w. Sun

Now, I am continuing to attempt to make 720x480i 60Hz HDMI output signal from NTSC signal using TDA19988.

Although I write the commands into adequate register along the guideline published from NXP, no output come out.

Especially, as soon as I write the 0x01(repeate) data into RPT_CNTRL register,  the output is gone and the analyzer says that no data and sync is coming. 

I do not know what is wrong.

Please anyone help me regarding above problem.

Following is the main command I wrote.

i2c_send_data(CEC_ADDR,TDA_CEC_ENAMODS,0x02); // Active HDMI Clock Tree

tda_reg_write(current, TDA_PLL_SERIAL_1, 0x00); // PLL rate and pixel repeat
tda_reg_write(current, TDA_PLL_SERIAL_2, 0x13); // PLL rate and pixel repeat
tda_reg_write(current, TDA_PLL_SERIAL_3, 0x01); // Serial_CCIR
tda_reg_write(current, TDA_VIDFORMAT, 0x04); // 7820x480i30 Format
tda_reg_write(current, TDA_TBG_CNTRL_0, 0x02); // Select Resync method
tda_reg_write(current, TDA_TBG_CNTRL_1, 0x00); // Select Resync method

tda_reg_write(current, REG_VIP_CNTRL_0, 0xDC); // Input Data Swap
tda_reg_write(current, TDA_VIP_CNTRL_3, 0x16); // DE sync method + H/V toggle
tda_reg_write(current, TDA_VIP_CNTRL_4, 0x10); // Activate CCIR656 data demultiplexing

tda_reg_write(current, 0x000E, 0x0D); // Enable color space
tda_reg_write(current, TDA_MAT_CONTRL, 0x01); // Enable color space matrix

tda_reg_write(current, REG_HVF_CNTRL_0, 0x01); // Select CCIR656 interpolation
tda_reg_write(current, REG_HVF_CNTRL_1, 0x54); // Select CCIR656 interpolation

tda_reg_write(current, REG_REFPIX_LSB, 0x11); // Ref pixel initialization value
tda_reg_write(current, REG_REFLINE_LSB, 0x02); // Ref line initialization value

tda_reg_write(current, REG_RPT_CNTRL, 0x01); // Pixel Repeat