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Can a JM60 be programmed directly from the USBDN and USBDP pins to a PC, without the need for an intermediate device (PEmicro, multilink, etc.)?

Question asked by Alan Vel on Dec 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by vicentegomez

Hello! I have a board of a device that I disarmed that brings a JM60. Investigating the board and the datasheet of the JM60, I saw that it brings a USB card connected to the pins USBDP, USBDN, VDD and VSS, also brings a 6-pin BKGD.


My question is this, is it possible to connect it to a PC directly with a USB cable, which is detected, and load the program with the CodeWarrior? Is it possible to do this without the need of a JTAG or a programming device?


Obviously, the functionality for which the board was manufactured is lost, but that is not the problem ...


Thanks in advance, and know excuse my ignorance in the subject