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I.MX6 VPU (coder and decoder)

Question asked by black huang on Dec 23, 2018

Recently, we have a customer who always has problems when using vpu codec. Their requirements are generally as follows:

1) : JPG decoded into yuv422

2) : yuv422 is converted into yuv420,

3) : yuv420 is encoded as h264

The vpu library used by the client is libimxvpuapi-0.10.3 released on github

The problems encountered are as follows:

1).JPEG decoding and releasing resources will cause a crash. The official website libimxvpuapi-0.10.3 version jpeg-dec-example is used

- > test

. / MXCCameraDemo - 1

2). Jpeg decoding and h264 encoding with libimxvpuapi-0.10.3 example from the official website will crash randomly if multiple threads are started and multiple instances are used at the same time

- > test

. / MXCCameraDemo - 2

3) IPU transcoding 1280*720P from YUV422 to YUV420 will cause the display module to hang and the screen to be white (it needs to run for a period of time, more than 5 minutes)

4). The CPU utilization rate is very high when decoding and encoding, so that inexplicable stuck and crashed when embedded into our main program

5). Sometimes there will be lag in codec, and the same data will be decoded and encoded in test

- > test

. / MXCCameraDemo - 3