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T1040 16-Bit NVSRAM IFC Configuration

Question asked by Dave Clark on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by Dave Clark

I am having trouble mapping a 128KB NVRAM device into the IFC (GPCM mode) on a t1040.  The NVRAM device is a 1Mb (64Kx16) device and is the CY14V101NA.  The problem I am seeing is the first 64KB is being repeated, i.e. writing to offset 0 also writes to offset 0x10000.


We are using a custom vxWorks BSP which configures the IFC as follows:

CSOR2  0x00000000

AMASK2  0xFFFE0000


CSPR2  0xFFDE0085




LAWAR3  0x81F00010


I have tried changing the CSPR2 register to 0xFFDE0105 to enable x16 mode, but still see the same problem.


The device is connected as follows:

IFC_ADDR[31] - A0

    :             :

IFC_ADDR[16] - A15


IFC_AD[15] - DQ0

    :             :

IFC_AD[0] - DQ15

with BHE and BLE pulled low.


So my question is what have I missed?