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Camera image became fuzzy when config adv7182 as module

Question asked by yang chen on Dec 23, 2018

Dear community:

   My platform:iMX6 Quad + android4.4.3(kernel-3.10.53) + adw10023(the same as adv7182, here we call it adv7182)

   We need to compatible adv7182 with max9288 on mainboard, and use one of them according to vehicle configure     when boot up. So, config them as modules, and set GPR register in adv7182 and max9288 drivers.


   1. We got good camera images when config adv7182 as builtin, but got fuzzy images when config it as module.

   2. The only difference is how config the adv7182. Pictures attached.




   I have make a contrast between different config adout adv7182's registers and ipu parameters, and there is no    difference. What could be the cause? How to solve the problem?


Thanks a lot.