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How do I get back the default out-of-box- app?

Question asked by Frak Nuaimy on Dec 22, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by Theophile Leroy

I just got my device and went through the Getting Started demo and made my first application:

Getting Started with NXP Rapid IoT 


Now how do I get back the original app that came with the unit? The one with the Settings, Info, Applications pages that let you try out all the various sensors.


Regarding the list under the left panel entry "Devices":


Do these represent the actual device or the last firmware I downloaded? I ask because when I had to make a tweak to my app and downloaded the new firmware, I didn't see the change reflected in my dashboard so I had to add a new "Device" in order to see the update. 


Thank you