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How LPC1785FBD208 Realizes Two-way CAN Function and TFT 24-bit Function at the same time

Question asked by 轶 张 on Dec 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2019 by jeremyzhou

Hello, the chip model I use is LPC1785FBD208. I hope to be able to use 2-way CAN function and TFT 24bit function. When I was designing the circuit, I found that the CAN2 pin clashed with the TFT pin. CAN2 pins are P0 [4] and P0 [5]; P2 [7] and P2 [8]. I have noticed that P0 [20] has the function of LCD VD[14]. However, according to the technical specification, this function was changed to reserved on December 20, 2011. Does this function still exist? How registers should be configured if they exist. How to adjust the pin if you want to achieve 2-way CAN function and TFT24bit function?