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How can I run the C code project generated from MBDT?

Question asked by Leo Lyu on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Leo Lyu


I bought a Devkit-MPC5744 recently, and downloaded the Model-based Design Toolbox for MPC5744P from the NXP website.


And then I open the example model file from the Model-based Design Toolbox. The model is "uart_model_pnt".


 After that I configure the parameter and build the model, and then the Simulink generate the C code.


After the help of NXP S32 ds community, the project could be compiled successfully.

But the problem is that the program doesn't run.

When I click "resume" button and start the program, it will stop somewhere in configure_flash.s file


And when I reclick the "resume" button, the program seems running, but actually not running. 

I am sure the program are not running because I add some sentences to turn on the LED. However, it doesn't work.

 The console text and the project are in attachment.


Maybe my progress are not correct?

I would do appreciate it if you could help.