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True-Time Simulator and Real Time Debugger locks up.

Discussion created by John Dammeyer on Dec 31, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2009 by John Dammeyer
I'm using the HSC12X Starter kit and have loaded the CAN Demo.  It works!!!  Unplug CAN0 from CAN1 and the displays don't update.  Plug in the CAN cable and the display updates again with the pot is turned.
So far so good.  Trouble is, the Real Time Debugger has locked up.  I can't even kill it from Windows Task manager.  After I shut down all the other applications I can reboot the PC from the Task Manager Window.  Meanwhile the board does have the updated program because it can run alone.
So first things first.  AFAIK, an app like the debugger just shouldn't hang so there's something odd on my system.  I'm running the Code Warrier IDE 5.7.0. Build 2211
BTW,  when I try and kill it with task manager Windows tells me I've tried to close an unresponsive program HiWave.exe.  I can't kill that process either.

szAppName : hiwave.exe szAppVer : szModName : hungapp

szModVer : offset : 00000000