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LPC54606 Exiting from Deep Sleep Mode

Question asked by Santosh balakrishnan on Dec 20, 2018


I am attempting to implement deep sleep on a LPC54606 based board and am running into several issues. I am able to go into deep sleep (at least looking at the current consumption) using the following sequence:


SCB->SCR |= SCB_SCR_SLEEPDEEP_Msk; /* Enable deepsleep */


Calling POWER_EnterDeepSleep with the exclude mask is not working for me. I am using MCUXpresso SDK 2.4.1. I am not able to get UTICK0 to wake the system up, but i am able to get PINT interrupts to sort of wake up the system. Controller executes the ISR (can toggle LED in the ISR) but does not seem to be fully waking up after that. I have tried disabling SLEEP ON Exit in SCR but that does not seem to be making a difference.



IO pin handlers are being called as callback from the driver. 


Would appreciate any pointers on how to debug this issue. I have tried to follow the power_manager_lpc example and documentation as closely as possible, but am still missing some thing.