Alessandro Strazzero

Coldfire 52234 FEC issue

Discussion created by Alessandro Strazzero on Dec 31, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2009 by Francois Bouchard
Hi everybody,

I'm wondering about a strange behaviour of the 52234's FEC. I have
set up the FEC to handle only one receive BD which buffer size is
2048 bytes. In presence of a heavily loaded network I get a FEC lock
even if I always free the unique receive BD every time its E bit is set
to 0 by the FEC DMA engine. When I say FEC lock I intend that no
more RXF interrupts are rised.

I suspect the FEC locks because may happen that the receive FIFO is
full and there are no free receive BDs to write in the OV bit. Is my
assumption correct ? Can you explain me this FEC behaviour ?

Best Regards