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Is it possible to merge MFRC522 with MCP2221 via I2C?

Question asked by Marcin Pawelec on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2018 by Kan_Li

Hello there!


I'm into a research on how to make a NFC device that can be pluged in the PC's USB port but would not be obsolete too soon. Device shall run on linux. As the matter of fact I already own a MCP2221 USB dongle which sees I2C devices attached to it. Also obtained an arduino-like board with 522 IC hardwired to be an SPI device. According to documentation it is possible to rewire 522 focusing on pins: 1 and 32. Someone somewhere on the internet mentioned he was able to communicate with 522 via I2C only detaching GND out of pin 1 and connecting it to 3.3V and detaching pin 32 and leaving it hanging around. Well... what about address pins? Reset? Do you have any more hints on how to wire it up to be a proper I2C device?