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The mac seq number in 802.15.4 Sleepy device

Question asked by lee wonsoo on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by lee wonsoo

* Test environment : 
 - JN5169 
 - SDK : JN-SW-4163
 - device : Coordinator, Sleepy device
 - JN-AN-1174


I am using  vAppApiSaveMacSettings() before vAHI_Sleep(E_AHI_SLEEP_OSCON_RAMON) and vAppApiRestoreMacSettings() when AppWarmStart().


My problem is the following.


The mac seq number is always same if it transmits by vAppApiMcpsRequest() when sleepy device was woken from sleep mode .

That mac seq is 76.


But When none sleep, it's normally increase by one.



The attachment is sniffer log.


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