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MQX 4.2: Know interrupt ID from default ISR

Question asked by Rudy Vigneault on Dec 19, 2018
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We are using MQX 4.2.0 on a Kinetis MK64FX512VDC12.


I am trying to know which interruption is triggered by an action.


To do so, as a test, I installed a custom default ISR just before the action. My ISR is called but I cannot find how to get the interrupt ID (or vector if I understand correclty) from the ISR itself.


_int_install_default_isr takes a INT_ISR_FPTR as a parameter, which is defined as

typedef void (_CODE_PTR_ INT_ISR_FPTR)(void *);


From what I understand, the pointer we get as a parameter would be the one given with the custom ISR, if I had set it using _int_install_isr for example. If so, no information related to the current interruption should be available there.


Is there any way, from an ISR, to know what interrupt it is currently reacting to?