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Why doesn't the config tool use IOCON_PinMuxSet?

Question asked by Rex Lam on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Rex Lam

The MCUXpresso config tool generates code that configures the pins of an MCU. For example, the following code was generated by the tool:

    IOCON->PIO[0][22] = ((IOCON->PIO[0][22] &
                          /* Mask bits to zero which are setting */
                          (~(IOCON_PIO_FUNC_MASK | IOCON_PIO_DIGIMODE_MASK)))
                         /* Selects pin function.
                          * : PORT022 (pin B12) is configured as USB0_VBUS. */
                         | IOCON_PIO_FUNC(PIO022_FUNC_ALT7)
                         /* Select Analog/Digital mode.
                          * : Digital mode. */
                         | IOCON_PIO_DIGIMODE(PIO022_DIGIMODE_DIGITAL));

Compare this to code from standalone SDK examples:

    const uint32_t port0_pin22_config = (/* Pin is configured as USB0_VBUS */
                                         IOCON_PIO_FUNC7 |
                                         /* No addition pin function */
                                         IOCON_PIO_MODE_INACT |
                                         /* Input function is not inverted */
                                         IOCON_PIO_INV_DI |
                                         /* Enables digital function */
                                         IOCON_PIO_DIGITAL_EN |
                                         /* Input filter disabled */
                                         IOCON_PIO_INPFILT_OFF |
                                         /* Standard mode, output slew rate control is enabled */
                                         IOCON_PIO_SLEW_STANDARD |
                                         /* Open drain is disabled */
    /* PORT0 PIN22 (coords: B12) is configured as USB0_VBUS */
    IOCON_PinMuxSet(IOCON, 0U, 22U, port0_pin22_config);

Why doesn't the config tool use IOCON_PinMuxSet? Is the config tool behaving correctly, and are there any plans to change the tool to generate consistent code with the standalone SDK examples?