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LS1046A linux reboot issue

Question asked by Robert Thorhuus on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by Bart Cuffe



We have a custom LS1046A design.

Currently we have an issue with rebooting in Linux. It does not work. It says it reboots but everything just halts when it tries to reset.

To make it more concrete I did these two things:



mw.l 01ee00b0 02000000

LS1046A reboots



devmem2 0x01ee00b0 w 0x02000000

LS1046A hangs


Is there something that can explain this?


This triggers the RESET_REQ_B signal. This is routed to power circuitry on our custom board. But from that signal it just makes a PORESET pulse.


Something must have been configured in Linux to make a difference. What can? We are not using the PPA FW. The cores are running in EL2 mode.


Any clues?