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QN9080x Device cannot be paired

Question asked by Aiswarya Krishnan on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Aiswarya Krishnan

Iam using wireless uart  example to make my device to communicate through BLE wireless uart service.

only by using "NXP IOT Tool box" android app pairing can be done.I can read the data from my device as well.




when i tried pairing using android "bluetooth settings",iam getting error message as "pairing rejected by nxp_wu.



Data cannot be read in other ble serial terminals. After pairing my BLE device using NXP IOT tool box.I want to read the data using third party app.But i could not see any data .But when i tried writing data it is received in my device.



please suggest code changes in qn9080x so that pairing and reading data can be done using 3rd party apps too.Is there any source code available for nxp iot tool box app?so we can make use to write our own app.