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LIN 1.2 SPECIFICATION Unavailable (Your Attachment not received due to company policy)

Discussion created by priti patil on Dec 30, 2008
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Dear Sir/Mam,

Please refer following messages to make point more clear.

I have replied to you reply which i got on my local account about not receiving the specification in zip file.

But i really don't know whether you accept my  reply to that mail(From NINA mam), or you need the request from this freescale account only. So, sorry if you recieve the samme type of request twice.

That's why I am sending the message from this account also.

Please let me know.

Sorry for inconvinience.

Thank you!


Dear Mam,

I am very much thankful to your reply & help.

But as a company policy, the zip file you attached was removed before this mail will reach me.

I received the text file named "ATT2356893.txt", and it is containing the following lines only- "A MIME attachment of type <application/x-zip-compressed> was removed here by a drop-attachments-by-name filter rule on the host <>."

Will you please forward me the link to LIN 1.2 SPECIFICATION, or there is any other way?

Please let me know further details.

Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Priti Patil.

INCAT (A Tata Technologies Company)




-----Original Message-----

From: Freescale Support []

Sent: Monday, December 29, 2008 8:58 PM

To: Priti Patil (TTL)

Subject: RE: Freescale Support SR#: 1-525882076

Dear Priti Patil,

In reply to your Service Request SR 1-525882076:

Thank you for your interest in Freescale Semiconductor products and for the opportunity to serve you.

Attached is the 1.2 for the H12. I hope this is what you were searching for, if not, please let us know more specifics.

Thank you and have a good New Year!

Should you need to contact us with regard to this message, please see the notes below.

Best Regards,


Technical Support

Freescale Semiconductor


This message is in reply to the following service request:

SR Number: 1-525882076

Date Opened: 28-Dec-2008 08:33:07 PM

Subject: LIN 1.2 Unavailable


Dear Sir,

I am unable to find out LIN 1.2 Specification.

I got all others. Please let me know if there is any other way to access the specified Specs.

Thank you!