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i.MX RT1020 TQFP144 and SDK Peripheral Tools

Question asked by Luis Hernandez Salvador on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by Luis Hernandez Salvador


Some time ago I asked you when the RT1020 would be available in the TQFP144 package and the SDK with the Peripheral Tools. You told me that for the third quarter of this year (Q4 2018), we are already in December, practically finishing the year, but neither is available.

We have done tests with the evaluation boards that install the RT1020 in TQFP144, we also made our own board with the TQFP100. But we already need to make our final design, and this has to be with the TQFP144.

Is there any news about when the RT1020 TQFP144 can be purchased, and when will the SDK support the Peripheral Tools?. I have check in Mouser and Digi Key, RT1020 TQFP144 not available.

We also need the SDK with the Peripheral Tools for the Kinetis MK66, we have downloaded it, but they are still not available.

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