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(DSC) (56800EX) Bug in register optimization when using long long variables

Question asked by Lorenzo Micheletto on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by ZhangJennie

Discovered bug while using Codewarrior for MCU 11.01 with DSC toolchain for 56800EX cores. (MC56F847xxx).


When a long long variable is initialized with a long long constant and then used in function call, instead of putting its 64bit value on stack, the compiler copies TWICE the higher 32bit word.


That is, when compiling the following code with -v3  -opt level=4   -opt speed -inline auto -inline level=8 optimizations:


long long a1;


a1 = 0x1122334455667788LL;



( RDebug is declared as void RDebug_T(long long n); )


the DSC compiler generates the following assembly output: (added some comments to explain what happens)


moveu.w #F__ConstToInitArray_1,R0  // load R0 with address of location containing 0x1122334455667788
move.l X:(R0)+,B // load low 32bit word into B/B10 register
move.l X:(R0)+,A // load high 32bit word into B/B10 register
move.l B10,X:>Fsa1             //   store A:B ( 0x1122334455667788) into sa1
move.l A10,X:>Fsa1+2         //
adda #<4,SP                  // allocate space on stack for RDebug_T parameter to pass sa1 to it
move.l A10,X:(SP-2)            // BUG: instead of putting A:B on stack it puts A:A
move.l A10,X:(SP)               //
jsr >FRDebug_T                  // subroutine will receive 0x1122334411223344 instead of 0x1122334455667788
suba #<4,SP


It seems like it's a bug with register coloring when handling 64bit values.