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Can't attach MCUXpresso debugger to HVP-KV58F via CDMIS-DAP

Question asked by Jean-Marc Legrand on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2019 by Jean-Marc Legrand

I am playing with a HVP-KV58F module because we are considering using the KV58 MCU in our solid state breaker and motor drive. 


For the past few days, I spent few hours to find which tools to use build sample code that will work with module.  The documentation mentions: CodeWarrior, Kinetis Studio and finally MCUXpresso.  


Based on that research, the MCUXpresso seems to be the most up to date development environment for NPX KV MCU family that will satisfy our developers who are working on MAC OSX and Linux workstations.


Could you confirm that MCUXpresso IDE and SDK are the tools recommended to start a new projet based on NPX KV58 processors?


Finally, I not able to lunch debugging sessions using MCUXpressor between the HVP-KV58F over the mbed CMSIS-DAP (tested on MAC OSX and Windows 10).  According to this post (Link Server Unable to connect wire for probe in... | NXP Community ) I probably need to update the CDMIS-DAP firmware, but I can't download any binary for the HVP-KV58F from the NXP web site.  Could you tell me where I can find the latest version of the firmware?


To be honest, the chip looks great on paper, but so far I had to spend a lot of time trying to just run an example on the evaluation module and it is still not working.  Is-it really a MCU recommended for new design?