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Is this a bug of S32DS when Initialize FlexCAN driver

Question asked by wu gang on Dec 16, 2018


I have a project base on S32 design studio for ARM R1,S32K146 Microcontroller 100pins LQFP.The project need 3 FlexCAN  channels. So I initialized FlexCAN driver(canCom0,canCom1 and canCom2).

Then I found a bug when I debug CAN SDK(086) API, The canCom2 only have max 16 RXIMR,but  the SDK use 32 to initial RXIMR.

the function"status_t FLEXCAN_EnableRxFifo(CAN_Type * base, uint32_t numOfFilters)" code:

for (i = 0; i < CAN_RXIMR_COUNT; i++)
/* RX individual mask */

when initialized third FlexCAN(canCom2), the CAN_RXIMR_COUNT is 32,but the "sizeof(base->RXIMR[i])" si 16.The number of RXIMR registers is not  equal to the number of message buffer for third instance. so base->RXIMR[] overflow. The program goes wrong.