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Fill unused flash with invalid instruction

Question asked by riccardolalli on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by riccardolalli

Hello everyone,

My binary images don't occupy the whole flash memory and they come with holes too, so I would like to fill them with some kind of value that makes the mcu reset if executed by accident.

It needs to work with S32K14x family, but if it works with S32K11x is a bonus.

I followed this thread Fill unused bytes of ROM with 0xFF but now I'm unsure about which value I should use.

I have found the UDF instruction to be a good candidate, but I don't understand the difference between its T1 (16bit) and T2 (32bit) encodings.

is the T1 version (0xDExx) ok for my purposes?

Are there any flaws with this approach?

Thank you very much,