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MPC5574 input signal edges can not be counted

Question asked by yun qiu on Dec 16, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by yun qiu

@Petr Stancik


when using mpc5574 ic(144pin) etimer module, configuration as pictures shows above, I want to count rising edge of the input signal, but it seems that the count regs did not work at all(always equals 0). I want to know if the configuration about etimer is right? rtimer1 ch4 is selected, and input 4 pin is SECSRC , input field of control2 register changes between 0 and 1. PRISRC was first configured as IP Bus clock divide by 2 prescaler(11001), now configured  input 4 pin,  to ensure edge exist.

        I want to know why the counter don't work. 

        Thank u in advance.