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Minimal boilerplate in MCUXpresso

Question asked by Junxiao Shi on Dec 16, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Jeffrey Jacques

I received a Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit from I looked at the Rapid IoT Studio, but its graphic logic does not make sense to me. I prefer to develop with real C code.

I'm having trouble coming up with a minimal boilerplate in MCUXpresso as a starting point. I have already installed MCUXpresso as well as SDKs for the two microcontroller. However:

  • I don't see an "atomosphere_app" folder in the MK64F12 SDK, which is mentioned on Getting Started step 4.
  • From MCUXpresso IDE - Quickstart Panel, if I use Import project(s) from file system command, the only project showing up is "kboot_k64f". The "hello_world" example does not show up.
  • From MCUXpresso IDE - Quickstart Panel, if I use Import SDK example(s) command, "hello_world" example shows up. However, Build command reports error C:\Users\sunny\Documents\NXP\rapid_iot_k64f_hello_world\Debug/../nwk_ip/base/shell/shell_ip.c:3120: undefined reference to `_sprintf'.
  • I also tried the "hello_world" with Newlib instead of Redlib. The error becomes: ../nwk_ip/core/interface/sockets.h:253:8: error: redefinition of 'struct timeval'

Can anyone provide a GitHub repository of a minimal working boilerplate for the Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit?