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performance issue in the android 6.0

Question asked by JP Park on Dec 16, 2018

Dear all, 

We faced the performance issue in the android 6.0.

Symptoms are as follows.

Symptoms  1 : 

Face recognition algorithm function  take 900m (Only one function in library), Typically it takes 80m/s.

And face recognition algorithm function in the android 4.0 take 80m/s.

Symptoms  2 : 

Symptoms  according to sequence of processing

1. Face recognition algorithm function is Executed in iteration(Take 900m).

2. Perform the fingerprint recognition algorithm function during Face recognition 

    and then Face recognition algorithm function  take 80m for 2 ~3 times. 

    After performing the function of face recognition algorithm 2-3 times, the face recognition algorithm function takes 900m again.


Please Give me some advice.