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RCW Hard coded settings in P2040

Question asked by Eby Jayan on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by ufedor

We are currently using P2040 processor with Hard coded RCW settings to boot the board.
While doing this, we are implementing two switch settings - one for fresh board and other for the programmed board.
Followings are our doubts:-
1.) Can we use a single hard coded option for a fresh board as well as for programmed board. (Note: by programmed board we mean to say that our flash drives contains the binaries for booting)
2.) In continuation of the 1st doubt, suppose if the first option is possible, whether we can use NOR for our PBL and NAND for our Boot LOC where NOR is located by hard coded RCW switch settings and RCW word will direct ti NAND flash for BOOT_LOC.
3.) Its a general question, what should be our best implementation such that we can use NOR for storing PBL and rest binaries in NAND for 2 stage booting.