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Can older microprocessors (such as LPC2292/LPC2294) work with USB 3.0 CPUs/chipsets?

Question asked by John Mossberg on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by John Mossberg

I have a serial device that is not recognized when attached to a serial port on my desktop docking station.  The dock connects to the laptop via a USB 3.0 host controller, so the serial port on the dock is USB3-to-serial utilizing an FTDI driver.  The laptop itself has an Intel Skylake architecture, so all USB devices are USB 3.0 only.  The laptop itself has a true serial port which works without issue, but the docking station is needed for other applications, and the serial port on the system is not accessible when the unit is docked?  I understand that the are legacy devices and no longer supported, but looking for confirmation that they will not work at USB 3.0 speeds or any workarounds if available. Thank you.