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How do I configure FlexBus with MCUXpresso Config Tools?

Question asked by Todor Todorov on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez

Hi everyone,


I would like to try driving an 8bit ILI9341 LCD on a FRDM-K64F board using the FlexBus. But for some reason I am unable to select the FlexBus peripheral or the FB component in the Peripherals tab of MCUXpresso Config Toools. Anyone know why that is?


Here is my configuration/setup. I have MCUXpresso 10.2.1 with the latest SDK for MK64FN1M0xxx12 microcontrollers. My project is based on the FRDM-K64F board, using FreeRTOS. I have the following drivers enabled: clock, common, flash, flexbus, gpio, port, sim, and smc; the project has semihosting enabled and using nanolib. I also have the FB_AD0 to FB_AD7 pins enabled for D0-D7 signals, FB_AD16 for D/C signal, FB_RW for R/W and FB_CS0 for LCD CS. The clocks are setup so that the system clock is 120 MHz and the FlexBus clock is 40 MHz.


When I generate the code, the pinmux source file is showing correctly that all FB pins are being configured as FlexBus pins (alternate function 5) in the BOARD_InitBootPins() function. But no matter what I do, I am not even able to see the FlexBus in the peripherals or components lists for selection... Isn't that possible at all?