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imx6solo HDMI_VPH internally shorted to GND

Question asked by Diego Perez on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by Diego Perez

Hi experts,


I have a imx6solo design in production. A few boards have an issue with HDMI_VPH (ball M7). The boards run properly initial tests but fails in the next steps of production. Under failure +2V5 rail is tied to GND due to short-circuit into M7 ball of imx6solo. If I remove power from M7 ball, the +2V5 rail is up again and board runs properly, except HDMI because HDMI_VPH is internally short-circuited to GND and not powered.


Something happens in the board that lead to M7 to be GND shorted.


I have HDMI_VPH, NVCC_LVDS2P5, NVCC_MIPI, NVCC_RGMII and NVCC_ENET connected to an external regulator. Datasheet and documentation connect HDMI_VPH, NVCC_LVDS2P5, NVCC_MIPI to VDDHIGH_CAP. It could be the problem?