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MCF52259 production stop - migration

Question asked by Eugenia Suarez on Dec 13, 2018
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My company was using this Coldfire MCF52259 MCU some years ago. One day I was googling about this mcu and I found an old paper or a link (I don' t remember exactly which one), where the production for MCF52259 end, was announced. It seems to be another official post where the production stop was canceled, fortunately -for our product line-. Hence, I think this micro is susceptible to disappear from nxp sales, but I don't how many time the MCF52259 sales could stay. 


Time goes by, and now I 'm a bit worried about the future of this microcontroller due our boards dependency. Our firmware uses almost every port and every pin, but they are all configured as GPIOs. We don't use specific communication interfaces. May be, for future features, we would need CAN and UART. And our transmited data will reach too small volumes. Even our IDE has being obsolete. For this and more factors, we start to think about planning a future MCU change. 


  1. I'm doing a research in order to get ahead of the moment in which MCF52259 will not be provided anymore. I would like to estimate this. Can I ask this date to nxp support, directly? Where can I get this information from? How many time (approximately) I would have until this product reaches its manufacturing "death"?
  2. Once I know the date, the second part of my plan is to choose a new mcu that matches the more into the board with similar functions, pinout, registers if possible. It will be used with the same RTOS than actual (uTasker if possible). The idea is to keep the actual pcb layout and the actual firmware with minimal modifications. Our equipment has using the same fw and pcb board design for many years and we would like to keep this premise (minimum changes). This is the first time I face something like that and I don't know how to start to conclude the best substitute for MCF52259. Of course, we also need a part number that stills manufactured a long time too. Suggestions? 


Thanks for your time.