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Interfacing MFR4310 to Zynq Ultrascale + through Asynchronous Memory interface

Question asked by Abhishek Hegde on Dec 13, 2018


We are Planning to use MFR4310 as a FlexRay Controller in our board where the host would be the ZYNQ Ultrascale+ MPSoC. In order to interface MFR4310 there are four ways : 

From the Above mentioned information, which was provided from Reference Manual of MFR4310 page 46. we thought of interfacing the Controller with Asynchronous Memory interface. And the application Diagram which was given in MFR4310 for Asynchronous Memory Interface is as Follows :


The LogicIP core External Memory Controller ( EMC ) from Xilinx has provided the following Application Diagram :

So my question is will it be compatible to use the AXI EMC Core IP inorder to interface with MFR4310 ?

The Datasheets are attached.

Thank you