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S32K144 bootload jump to HardFault_Handler

Question asked by Lang Weihua on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by Kevin Lau



About my project, I have to add SPI-API into bootloader,in order to get data from SPI_flash(w25x16),but I found that:

Situation one:

---->I do hardware-init normally(include CLK_init,IO_init.SPI_init etc) ,and in main, I do nothing just jump to app directly,It is OK ,app works correctly.


Situation Two:

---->I only add one operation in main ,that is<after hardware-init , I read data from SPI_flash once>, and then jump to app, but it is NG, it will jump to HardFault_Handler.


In my thought , maybe caused by Interrupt or DeInit, so before jump , I Deinit IO, SPI,NVIC, and add __disable_irp(),but it doesn't work.

so, I need help!!!

Thank you very much.


Best Regards.