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OpenSDA bootloader does not show up after reflashing firmware

Question asked by Jackson Young on Dec 12, 2018

Hi everyone,


I am very new to using Kinetis boards, having recently migrated from Arduino. It is unfortunate that my first post would have to be about troubleshooting, but here goes:


I bricked my OpenSDA bootloader (FRDM K66F) while trying to do a J-Link OpenSDA firmware update in Windows 10 using the drag-n-drop guides. I ended up purchasing a J-Link EDU in order to unbrick the bootloader (but I guess I might as well debug over J-Link), following the guides here: Freedom OpenSDA Firmware Issues Reported on Windows 10 . However, the chip is not recognized over USB. These are behaviours both exhibited in both Windows and Linux, at least on my machine. The bootloader worked fine before the update, however (Maybe I should have left the bootloader alone).


I am wondering whether I am missing parts of the bootloader, if the byte offset gone wrong, or some hardware issue related to my USB port, or some other unforeseen issue. Your feedback is appreciated.