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enabling BEE on IMXRT1050

Question asked by Manu ARDI on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by vicentegomez

I encounter trouble trying to enable the BEE.


I have an application which makes access OK to external HYPERFLASH through octal bus, with no BEE-related code in it.


Then I want to enable BEE for data read. I use the example given in the drivers example for BEE to do that. The code looks easy to integrate in the application together with the FlexSPI code, and  compiles OK, but when running it, after all initialization phase (including external Flash initialization) executes OK, I get the following message :  

A precise data error has occured at {here the very first address the application is willing to read in external Flash}

I have the following question : what is the meaning of the word "precise" in this context ?


Then, what is extremely strange , is that the even if the BEE is not enabled, but just initialized, it has the same effect = it makes fail the very first read access to external Flash following BEE init.

I have the following question : does BEE do something on the datapath when it is initialized but not yet enabled ?


Is there any demo code or app note about using BEE together with FlexSPI available ?


Thank's in advance for your replies