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Evaluation board for High current/ power BLDC motor control

Question asked by Vipin Mohan on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by xiangjun.rong

HI all,

Selecting the right Evaluation Board is important in the pre-development stage. Unfortunately, I am new to the Motor Driver and controller area. My plan is to develop a motor controller for a BLDC motor (48V, 5KW) for Automotive Application. Since the output current is very high, I am not finding the exact Eva. Board. But I am sure that, working on an Eva. Board with low power output can be used to my High Power application (Correct me if I am wrong!). Can someone suggest me the an Evaluation board for my application?  (The requirement for my actual project is as given below)


Input : 40V- 48V
Motor : 5KW BLDC motor/ 3phase PMSM (4 quadrant operation) 
Load : 130A max
Feedback sensor : Hall sensors, Current sensors, Temperature sensor
Control : Vector control or Sensorless FOC 


Operating Frequency / PWM frequency : No Information
ROM / RAM /Flash requirement : No Information
Communication : LIN or CAN
Number of ADC channels : No information


From readings, I was informed that ARM Cortex M4 would be a good choice as Microcontroller. 


 Any further information can be provided. (This is my first post in this community)



Thanks in advance. 


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