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One Software - two processors

Question asked by Jan Vogel on Dec 12, 2018
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the scenario is the following: I have software, that means an MCUXpresso C-Project, that is supposed to run on a Kinetis KV56 (MKV56F512VLL24). But now, i want to take that software (with some extensions added by conditional compilation), and use it on a board that happens to have an MKV56F1M0VLL24 equipped. Is there an elegant way to do this? Can get away with using just one MCUXpresso project for both processors since the only difference is slightly different memory? Ideally i would like to get the smaller binary and the bigger binary at the same time from one project.


When i want to change the processor assigned to my project, the defined symbols don't change and the conditional compilation in the CMSIS and fsl-drivers don't work as they should. Also the IDE states that i will lose my custom memory layout, so i would have to export and import it everytime i switch. The only way i see now is to create a second project specifically for the MKV56F1M0VLL24  and share  (link) the source files into the old and the new Project, which still seems relatively complicated because then i have to maintain two Projects with 99% identical settings and compile two different projects everytime to get the two binaries.


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