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Rapid IoT - Request for hardware

Question asked by Priyank Agarwal on Dec 11, 2018
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My name is Priyank and I'm a Firmware Engineer. 

I missed out on applying for the hardware Request - Rapid IoT Contest on Hackster

I want to participate in the contest and thus writing this post as a request for hardware support from NXP.


My solution is: Container Monitor in Cargo Shipping Industry


What problem are you going to solve?

In October 2015, all 33 crew members, along with 391 containers and some trucks and trailers, were lost when the El Faro met Hurricane Joaquin in the Bermuda Triangle. Two months later, a ship en route from Oakland, Calif, to Seattle lost a dozen 40-foot containers just outside of the Golden Gate Bridge. Tracking of containers is one of the challenges in cargo shipping. Another major challenge is monitoring the inside of the container i.e. are the conditions suitable for the goods inside it?

Monitoring of containers is a challenge in cargo shipping. My solution aims to log data of the containers and update the collected data to the cloud for real-time monitoring.


What are you going to build to solve this problem? How is it different from existing solutions? Why is it useful?

With the help of sensors, GPS, 3G/2G Communication, I'll be making a system that monitors the container for on multiple parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure and luminosity data. By, making the use of low power, the system would offer a long usage time. The device would offer alerts on opening and closure of door and also, when the device is removed from the original installation place.

Once I achieve this, I'll proceed to phase 2, in which I will integrate this system to Phone application via Bluetooth so that even the captain can monitor the cargo without internet connectivity. 

Existing solutions such as IconCox's CT10 has limited number of sensors and do not offer offline support. My solution covers the points over here.


How does your solution work? What are the main features? Please specify how you will use the Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit in your solution.

The Rapid IoT device gathers data and then upload this data to cloud in real time. The device generates alert when required such as attempts to remove the Rapid ToT device from the container on which it's installed. The main features of my solution are:

  • GPS tracking
  • Logging: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Luminosity
  • Real-Time Monitoring of data
  • Alarms and tamper detection

The Rapid IoT device makes the use of on-board sensors while acting as the center for data processing. The system makes the use of SIMCOM 3G connectivity module for transmission of data to cloud.


List the hardware and software you will use to build this.

  • Rapid IoT device
  • Simcom's 3G connectivity module
  • Ublox Neo 6M GPS
  • Reed Switch


I understand I've missed out on applying for hardware on the contest. But this is a really cool contest from NXP on an amazing rapid device for PoC(s). I really want to be a part of this challenge and requesting NXP to give me a chance.


*Fingers crossed*


Kind request,