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rt1050 freertos usb

Question asked by Brian Haysbrook on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by Daniel Chen

The FreeRTOS USB host driver will frequently dereference NULL pointers from functions USB_HostEhciQtdListRelease and USB_HostEhciQhQtdListInit.


The function USB_HostEhciTransactionDone has been seen to enter an endless loop. Line 3555 of usb_host_ehci.c reads


nextTransfer = transfer->next;


but transfer->next pointed to transfer so the loop never terminated.


The USB Mass Storage Device is being used to log application data to a USB drive.


SDK version 2.4.2 is being used with version 10.2.0 of MCUXpresso.


Has anyone seen anything like this before, and know of a fix?