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Documentation for MPC5777C-516DS Rev C

Question asked by Sergey Sidorchuk on Dec 11, 2018
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Based on document MPC5777CEVBUG Rev. 0, 08/2015 (section 5.1.3), J513 jumper must be set to 7-8 position (1.25V from onboard Power SBC to MCU), but this jumper has 6 pins only (see attached photo).


Please, clarify how to provide 1.25V to MCU in case of "Daughter Card Standalone Power Input –Power SBC".

Additionally, my MPC5777C-516DS Daughter Card has revision C, please, provide documentation (schematic) for this revision (only revision B1 is available on nxp site)


Tickets for this problem was already raised by other users. Those tickets marked as resolved, but they have no answers on above questions.