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debug on s32k142 48 pin package with generated code from processor expert

Question asked by Baoyuan Gong on Dec 11, 2018
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Currently I have some problems with debugging software on s32k142 48 pin processor. After flashing the software on the target, the software jumps in to an default ISR. See the first pic below pls.

It indicating the software stopped at Watchdog ISR in disassembly viewer.


The Watchdog is actually disabled by default while debugging. Besides that I disabled the watchdog manually at the beginning of the program and tried again. it jumped still in the Watch dog ISR from the same code line (which is really wired).


Afterwards I debugged the software step by step and found that the exception is because of the code line which is marked in the second pic. It seems that there would be an error by pointing the Port base in target. 

This software module was created by processor expert for s32k142_100 100-pins LQFP100. (pic below)

can i still use processor expert for the 48 pin micro ? 



I didn't find a description for s32k142 48 pin in reference manual. but i think the memory adress should be the same as the 100-pins microprocessor or even in the whole s32k1xx family.    


Can someone help me to figure out this exception issue ?