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MPC5748G SEMA42 access

Question asked by Ondřej Urban on Dec 10, 2018
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I'm trying to use shared memory on MPC5748G.

I modified the link descriptors according to examples, and also tried to implement hardware semaphores.


However, once I attempt to write to any SEMA42 register, an IVOR1 exception is triggered.


My code is following:


int main(void)


xcptn_xmpl ();

peri_clock_gating(); /*Allow clk for PIT and FlexCAN*/




SEMA42.RSTGT.W.R = 0xE200; /* IVOR1 exception thrown*/

SEMA42.RSTGT.W.R = 0x1DFF; /* Reset ALL Semaphores Gates 2nd write */

//Other code...

I must have missed something. Is any SEMA42 initialization required?


I also attempted to access the SEMA42 registers in interrupt handler, but still I received IVOR1 exception.

while(status != core_num)


/*Lock the gate*/

SEMA42.GATE[0].R = core_num + 1;//  IVOR1 exception thrown

status = SEMA42.GATE[0].R;



I believe I use supervisor mode (I didn't attempt to switch modes).

Any Ideas what am I doing wrong?



Thank you and best regards, Ondra.