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PMIC PF1550 is not working as expected

Question asked by sharad sathvik on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by G.w. Sun



Design with iMX6ULL processor and powering using PMIC PF1550,

At start up PMIC is Up and running with the default voltages and current limits

few functions of PMIC are not working as expected,


1. Battery charging indication LED is not glowing but battery is getting charged slowly. do i need to configure anything using I2C to indicate the battery charging. 

2.  I am trying to change the battery charging current limit (100mA default) to 500mA, I could update the register value using I2C but battery charging current is not increasing.

3.  I am trying to put PMIC into standby mode, I could update the register value using I2C and verified written value by reading it back, PMIC did not enter the standby mode instead it was in the active state. am i missing any steps here ?


I verified the I2C communication between iMX and PMIC and it is working.