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How many GPIO ports does the MK10FX512VLQ12 have?

Question asked by Gary Lynch on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Gary Lynch

I am writing an initialization routine for the MK10FX512VLQ12 MCU on a board we designed. In the "K10 Sub-Family Reference Manual with Addendum":


page 260, there is a table showing 6 ports, A through F. Furthermore when I generate a new project with KDS 3.2.0, it creates a header called \Includes\MK10F12.h which defines base addresses for 6 ports (lines 4461-4487).


However on pp. 246-247 of the same reference manual we see the pinouts of the LQFP and MAPBGA packages and there are only 5 I/O ports (No trace of port F). I can find no sign of it anywhere else in the reference manual.


I am a little concerned that I can configure and drive a port that doesn't exist. Is there a good reason for this?