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Problems using MIPI DSI

Question asked by Hector Sanchez on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Enrico Papi

Hi i'm creating a custom yocto image to use a mipi dsi display on a Wandboard Dual, i don't know if i'm missing something because i cannot make the image load the drivers or detect the screen. I already did this:

- Modify the mxcfb_hx8369_wvga.c with my display data.
- Modified imx6qdl-wandboard.dtsi and added this:

/ {

mipi_dsi_reset: mipi-dsi-reset {
compatible = "gpio-reset";
reset-gpios = <&gpio1 19 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
reset-delay-us = <50>;
#reset-cells = <0>;
}; };


&mipi_dsi {
dev_id = <0>;
disp_id = <0>;
lcd_panel = "TRULY-WVGA";
resets = <&mipi_dsi_reset>;
status= "okay";


- Compiled my yocto using bitbake core-image-base
- Configure bootloader with this command: 



But i' still cannot see anything on the display.


My bootloader info is telling me this:  

No panel detected: default to HDMI
Display: HDMI (1024x768)


Hope i can get some help because i already have 1 week with this problem. Thank you in advance.