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Using demo boards as BDM interfaces - 08AW60

Discussion created by Robert Bailey on Dec 24, 2008
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A little background:  I have been using CW6.1 for a while with the AW60 demo board to develop my JM60 application.  It seems to work ok, but I am suspecting a bug in 6.1 and tried to update to 6.2
My CW installation is fully licensed.
When updating to 6.2, the AW60 demo board was not accepted by the TrueTime app as a valid interface for a JM60 chip.  Since I have almost all of the demo kits, I got out my JM demo kit, put a header on it and plugged it in.  TrueTime updated the firmware, and appears willing to talk to it.  It will load my code into an on-board JM60 chip,  but it will not connect to my target (remove daughter card, plug in ribbon cable).  It does halt the target system but will not connect.
The demoboard will connect,load, and run if I use the CW6.1 to connect to it (yes I have 6.1 and 6.2 loaded on my machine.)
I hope I am being clear,  basically 6.2 won't talk to my target, but will talk to a chip on the demo board.
Any ideas?
Bob Bailey
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