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How to configure and relocate the interrupt vector table for S12ZVC

Question asked by jooph liu on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by Daniel Martynek

     I use S12ZVC,  I don't want bootloader and app use the same Interrupt Vector table,so i Relocating app interrupt vector table at other address:0xFF9000-0xFF92EF.
     1.I modify the PRM file,Reallocation of address:
       APP: 0xFE0000-0xFF8FFF;
       APP interrupt mapping: 0xff9000-0xff92ef;
       Boot: 0xff9400-0xffddff;
       Boot interrupt mapping :Default interrupt vector address (memory end);

     2.Relocating interrupt vector address:
     3.Relocating Reset Vector address:
     4.Set IVBR REG:0xFF90:
     5.Modify APP's RPM :
     6.Debug issue problem:
       debug by step,the program run at MainLoop() leave,can not run correctly....


  • Is there any problem with the  configuration?