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MKE02Z: Accuracy of trimmed Internal Oscillator

Question asked by Colin Campbell on Dec 6, 2018
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We are implementing an MKE02Z16VFM4 CPU based design and would like to confirm the accuracy of the trimmed Internal Oscillator as supplied by the Factory.


Our application uses the Internal Reference Clock in FEI Mode with the fixed 1024 Multiplier, to produce a nominal source clock frequency of 32 MHz. Our reading of the Data Sheet (Table 12: Num 9, 11 and 12) and Reference Manual suggests that each MKE02Z16VFM4 device is supplied pre-trimmed by the Factory, thereby allowing the device to meet the IRC accuracy specification of -1/+0.5% over the full temperature range (-40 to +105C), without any further calibration by the end user - is this correct?


Thanks for the guidance - CC