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[Q] v11.0 C++ build error with Prof. license

Question asked by Mac Kim on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by Mac Kim

Hello. I have CodeWarrior Prof. license


I tested with CodeWarrior for MCU v11.0

- C++ project with Volume ID license generate: no problem

- C++ project with USB Dongle ID license generate: 'C++ is not supported by the current set of licenses and is disabled.'

  error happen.

(I checked license activate via CodeWarrior and LMTOOLS both)

- C project: no problem regardless of Volume ID/USB Dongle ID license



For CW to v10.7 with same USB Dongle.

I have no problem C++ project - license gen via Dongle ID



What do I need to check to use CW v11.0 via Dongle License?


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